First Symposium on Tourism "Smart Tourism and new opportunities" Cefalù, 6 December 2019

The organization of this symposium, aimed at the realization of bilateral meetings between tourism operators and sector experts, defines and represents the natural consequence of the actions carried out for years by UET Italy - European University School for Tourism and marks the culmination of a course of study and promotion of Italian market in tourism.

The purpose of the day is to convey to the participants a systemic view of the territory, offering a guarantee of a dynamically specific experience of traditions, in the name of quality and that, therefore, to entice to insert the tourist destination "Sicily" in the tourist goals of flows, that yes they are extremely consistent, stimulating interest in religious tourism products, artistic, as well as wine and food of excellence and susceptible to special tourist packages and circuits.

The foreseen contributions represent a precious opportunity to implement relations and resources already available, for the purposes of a correct analysis of the offer, aimed at stimulating the incoming in Sicilian territory, which intends to participate with its representatives in the promotion of integrated tourist offers.

The Diocese of Cefalù, tour operators, wine companies and producers take part in this initiative appropriately selected food & wine venues, Departments, Associations. Districts, Research Institutions, University professors, institutional political officers and representatives of educational institutions

General Business Plan :

The analysis will be based on the identification of individual territorial vocations, following the theme of the ecclesiastical, artistic and cultural heritage of the varied food and wine offer to enhance the better the peculiarities of the area taken into consideration, trying to respond to requests from users with specific and defined needs, as well as curiosities peculiar to their culture.The value of this symposium is that of identifying interests and cultural needs of a typology of tourists to satisfy, in order to be able to create an optimal response in view of customer loyalty for a lasting continuation over time of the tourist flow. The event represents an opportunity to recover the origins to promote the territory and enhance cultural excellence (tangible and intangible assets): monuments, products food and the traditions connected to the territory.

A day to focus on the salient aspects of a sustainable development project that is based on identity and culture, on health and social and environmental sustainability that starts from the past, from the tradition, celebrates the present, local resources and looks to the future through research, innovation, aggregation and experimentation.

The symposium, in addition to the presentation of the territories and the tourist offer, will touch on the theme of development e of the competitiveness of the reference tourist area, connected to the food and wine aspect.

Dated :- 04 Dec 2019