About IDCT

The IDCT International District for Congress and Training, was born from the collaboration between the "Fondazione Laboratorio della Speranza" and the "UET Italia - European University School for Tourism", with the aim of creating a highly specialized international training center thanks to teachers and professionals from Europe and from all over the world to give the most update in the field of tourism and religious tourism in particular, culinary arts and fashion, with particular reference to the Mediterranean area and also creating an international conference center called DISTRICT.

The IDCT functions as a platform for research and experimental work in the field of education and higher education.

High quality training and acquisition of skills based on international standards with particular reference to the needs of different production sectors of the world market, so that outgoing professionals can meet specific requirements. Teachers with a consolidated experience in the field under consideration, able to transfer to students their knowledge, developed in international contexts.

Advanced technologies with the use of software used by major international companies in the field of hotel and air booking. Stages operating on the territory and abroad to provide effective training because it is reinforced by an experience carried out directly on the territory under consideration.

International certifications that can also be professionally spent abroad.

Joint programs that issue certificates from the most renowned European and Asian universities.

A research and discussion centre on various themes, catalyzing Cefal├╣'s interest in the organisation of conferences and thematic events of great importance.